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Alice is loved to the moon & back by all her family and friends. She has the sweetest soul with lots of personality. She loves to sing, dance, snack, & play with her older sister. We are truly blessed to have a healthy & happy baby!


This 4.9lb, has never let a moment slow him down. From 8 weeks early, to battling E.Coli at 10 months, he’s always smiling and thriving!


He’s very healthy & can’t forget chunky. He LOVES his oatmeal. He’s ALWAYS happy unless he’s tired or hungry. He’s always smiling or making faces at you.


Grayson is a healthy and happy baby, because he is loved by his family, friends and even the ones with fur and four legs. Grayson wishes for all babies to be happy and healthy too, so help him help others.


My baby is healthy and happy because she is loved by so many amazing people. Her family absolutely adores her and light she gives us.


My baby is happy and healthy because she has a great village that loves and cares for her. She has so many people around her that only lift her up.


Jaclyn is a happy, always smiling baby girl. She loves her brothers and is always so sweet. She loves outside and laughing! Her smile and laugh will captivate you!


My baby is happy and healthy because he is surrounded by people who love him and care about him so much! He has toys to play with, food in his belly, a bed to sleep in and a roof over his head. He also has an equally as cute little brother!


My baby is happy and healthy because we are always playing outside in the sun which is her favorite place to be.


She is so loved and cared for, she is a bottle drinking champ!! And has the burps to prove it! She has GERD and is on Nexium but she’s getting better and better every day!


Matthew is the baby brother of two big sisters. He is ALWAYS smiling! In fact, when we go places people always comment how much he smiles. He will let anyone hold him and has the best belly laugh!


She is full of giggles and adventure and loves her milk! She has come from prayer and was a gift from god!


She is always happy and makes everyone smile. She is loving, caring, cuddly, and sassy! She loves all things food and loves to play with her big brother! She lights up a room and her laugh is contagious! She is all around happy and loveable


This is Ramseigh Eiriann Jayne Williams and she is six weeks old. She is a healthy and happy baby because she’s surrounded by a loving family who takes the best care of her. She lives in a home filled with lots of love with her Mommy, Daddy, & puppy.


He is happy and healthy because of the love and support we get from our friends and family, and the help we receive from our community.


Rowan is 4 1/2 months old! He loves smiling, babbling, eating, and snuggling with mommy and daddy. He was born 3 weeks early due to placenta detachment, he’s a fighter and a lover. He is happy, healthy, and will brighten anyones day.


My baby is happy and healthy because he has a family that loves him and takes care of him no matter what! He is safe, healthy and growing perfectly! He loves to look at mama and he definitely loves his big brother!


Vivian is so happy and full of life; every day offers new adventures. She is adored by her Mom and Dad and loved by her family and friends.