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Alia Marie Hashmi

Alia is a 7 month old baby girl who is always full of laughter and light. She has a smile for everyone and loves dancing and listening to music. She’s healthy and happy because she has a loving family that includes also includes her 2 fur brothers.

Alice Henson

Happy families make happy babies! Little Alice is surrounded by people who LOVE her unconditionally. Fresh air, long naps, lots of snacks, and playtime fun with big sister and puppy, keep her healthy and happy!

Baylor Thomas

Baylor is happiest wearing only his diaper and playing with his sister. He loves to eat, riding in the hiking backpack, giving mama kisses and playing in the water.

Beau Bright

His Mom and Dad adore him, his two puppies love to play with him and lots of fun in the sun in Florida keep Beau healthy and happy.

Claire Pratt

Claire is a healthy happy baby because she is loved by her family and especially by her best friend, her big brother! And of course the occasional donut doesn’t hurt!

Connor Pratt

Connor is healthy and happy because he is so loved by his family and friends!

Connor Wright

My baby is happy and healthy because I deleted all of those baby tracker apps. Instead of constantly entering data and trying to predict my baby’s needs, I am more present and listen to his cues to tell me what he needs.

Desi Scholz

Desi is the happiest baby we know! He has had a smile on his face since as long as we can remember. He enjoys making others happy and is very loved by his older brother and sister.


Ellie very is active and loves to play! He favorite foods include broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese. She lives with her mommy, daddy, two big brothers and nana and she see’s her other family often. Ellie is a happy, healthy girl! ❤️

Nash Gregory Haas

Meet Nash. Between walking at 9 months and trying 100 foods before his first birthday our little one’s balanced lifestyle have him sprinting towards toddlerhood. He’s happy, he’s healthy and a little bit wild.

Oaklyn Sloan Cox

Dynamic.Spirited.Just a few ways to describe ever evolving Oaklyn.Her smile & infectious laugh spreads everywhere she’s at.The support surrounding her has built an amazing foundation to grow & develop into the vibrant curly haired cutie she is today!

Sullivan Lathrop

Sullivan is healthy & happy because of the love he receives from his family & God! His big brother is one of his main creators of happiness, teaching him everything it means to be a boy. His appetite for apples and PB Pretzels makes him healthy!

Vivian Rose Monroy

Little Viv always has a smile for everyone. She is so happy, seeks out adventures, loves to spend time with family and friends. She is loved.

Xavier Brown

Xavi is happy and healthy because he is loved by so many !